Sem V Bucket


Gender and Literature

  1. Locating Gender
  2. Gender: View from the margins
  3. Gender Identities and the Everyday
  4. Gender through Lens

Blue book Research Paper


1) Fiction in Films

deals with dynamics of literature -> movie

  1. History of World Cinema
  2. Concepts and Movements
  3. Fiction to films
  4. Indian Cinema

2) Environmental Humanities

intersection of environmental literature and humanities; works about the ecology, our environment


Reporting and Editing - Visual Media


1. Media Managemnt

crisis management, practical oriented

2. Advertising and PR

PR stuff, how they handled crisis advertising, brand building


Social Psychology

  • social cognition, social influence, and interpersonal relations and group dynamics

I. Intro

  • Nature
  • Scope
  • Historical Background
  • Research Methods
  • Trends II. III. Attitude, Stereotype, Prejudice, and Aggression IV V Group Dynamics VI

DSE (Elective)

1. Health Psych

community health holistic impact of disease and disorders govt policies

intro physiology and diseases health behaviour psych and health promoting healthy living

internal assesments - mind mapping ad making group presentation

2. Industrial

workplace/job/organizational/employee management/ motivation and emotions in workplace leadership, group dynamics, group think, team

internal assesments - Case study group assigment - field work product launch and marketing