Self Concept Development

Self Concept Definition

Attributes, characteristics, what makes us us. physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually overall idea we have about who we are how we perceive, think, and value ourselves

Mirror Test


Characteristics of self concept

multi-dimensional - learned, not inherent

What it includes:

How we see ourselves our roles (father,son,sister,etc) personality traits hobbies, passions

How it changes with time

more malleable during childhood and early adulthood it can change later but is harder

  1. At first, infants think of themselves as part of their primary caregivers
  2. at around 5 months, physical realization that they are separate from others begin. they recognize themselves and their body
  3. Later, they respond to their names and can identify themselves in pictures/in the mirror (around 18 months)
  4. 21 months - 36 months - concept of "I", concept of possession

Types of self


Artistic Athletic Emotional Moral

Ideal self

Who we want to be


Self Efficacy Self Regulation