Important Questions - Psychology

  1. Define neonate and outline the patterns of development
  2. What are the three basic Temperamental styles
  3. Discuss the importance of friendship and peer relationships during adolescence
  4. Define language and biological influence on Language Development
  5. DIscuss types of reflexes in infants
  6. Stages of language development
  7. Describe the physical changes that occur during puberty
  8. Marcias Identity Statuses
  9. Explain components of language


  1. Define neonate and describe sleep states
  2. What are Parenting Styles? What are their effects on social development of children?
  3. Discuss private/inbox/unprocessed/Harlows Contact Comfort study and implications on Attachment styles.
  4. Explain in detail about the gross motor and fine motor skills that occur in infancy.
  5. List the physical changes that occur during adolescence (across the gender).
  6. Examine Language Development and its components
  7. Describe the primary sexual characteristics during Puberty


  1. Explain sensory and perception development in infancy
  2. Distinguish between physical development and motor development during infancy and childhood
  3. Explain various styles of Parenting Styles with suitable illustrations.
  4. Write about Kohlberg's Moral Development Theory
  5. Critically analyse moral development from infancy to adolescence
  6. Identity stages of identity formation.
  7. Examine development of Self Concept - Development and self esteem from infancy to childhood.